Marketing Questions

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How does this program help me build my inspection business?

  1. It creates more revenue for you and can save your clients more money than they spend on your inspection

  2. It provides a top notch marketing follow-up campaign that will keep your clients in what we call “The Perfect Customer Lifecycle”. This results in more repeat and referral business than ever before.

  3. It virtually doubles your sales opportunities with very little additional work.

  4. It lends you the trust and national recognition of our vendor POWRpartners at Lowes, Nationwide, ADT, Advantage Home Warranty and AllConnect.

How can my clients save up to $500 with the Lowes coupon?

Clients receive 10% Discount Coupon to use on purchases of up to $5,000 to use during their move. This coupon is downloadable from a link right inside the Thank You Follow Up Email.

What marketing material is available for these programs?

There’s a quick flyer page built right into the portal that you can hand out or insert right into your pdf report. Click the referral tab in the Portal, locate the appropriate address and click the PDF icon.

There are also a whole host of digital marketing pieces that can be printed and personalized absolutely FREE from ADT pays (Rebate Offer) and Advantage Home Warranty (Buyer, Seller and Agent pieces). There are also Inspected and Warranted Sign Riders are available for purchase.

How many emails do my customers and/or agents receive and what do they look like?


  1. Receive 3 emails over the first 10 days:

    • Thank You Savings and Gifts

    • Custom Home Warranty Offer

    • Referral / Testimonial

  2. Seasonal Home Maintenance Tips = Quarterly

  3. Christmas Card = Annually

  4. Annual Inspection Reminder = Annually


  1. Thank You and Follow Up = After Inspection

  2. Monthly Promo

How do clients and/or agents opt out of the system?

There is an opt -out at the bottom of every email.

How does my client save on homeowners insurance?

Movers can save up to 20% on their homeowners insurance when their home meets certain safety criteria such as a monitored home security system. By combining the ADT and Nationwide offers, clients can get a $200 rebate on their security system AND save on their homeowners insurance, a win/win for all.

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